Software Maintenance Policy

Being a computer user we always have various kinds of problem, sometimes we can fix it by ourselves but sometimes not. We are here for you to make your system clean and smooth, you can do all your works smoothly and give all your software related problems to us or anything on which your business depends and not working the way it should. Considering all these, we have included all necessary features in corporate AMC Services and it is in high priority list.

Particulars (Service Charges) 6 Months (Personal) 12 Months (Personal) 6 Months (Business) 12 Months (Business)
Desktop Computer Rs. 1000 Rs. 1800 Rs. 1500 Rs. 2500
Notebook / Laptop Computer Rs. 900 Rs. 1700 Rs. 1400 Rs. 2400
Desktop / Laptop + Router - (File, Printer and Internet Sharing, LAN) Rs. 1100 Rs. 1900 Rs. 1600 Rs. 2600
Server N/A N/A Rs. 4000 Rs. 7500

Our Team

Joher Siddiqui

Joher siddiqui is the founder and the CEO of Integers Consolidated Private Limited. He inaugurated A group of private limited company (integers consolidated) and now its wings integer infotech and integer webtech live in actual and virtual world.

Ejaz Hussain

Ejaz hussain started his carrier as satisfied ethicle hacker and also work for india today group. He built Integer InfoTech to The Integer InfoTech. Now he is the manager of Integer InfoTech.

Muhammad Imran

Imran is a developer with over 5 years of web dvelopment experience.